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Members Reviews & Comments

Comments from existing members are a great way to share personal experiences, concerns etc and helps to communicate to others what the Support group and Gym sessions have done for them personally.

"Being able to relate to other people who are in the same situation as myself makes me feel that I am not alone any more" (HeartBeat member)

HeartBeat brings people together through families, friendships and self-help to support each other and work for change:

"I am more confident in myself: I can tackle things better and I can look ahead and see things differently" (HeartBeat member)

"I suffered my heart attack in 2002 and since then through the cardiac rehab at St Peter's, then Bravehearts and now HeartBeat Support, I have made so many new friends and acquaintances. Of course we are all in the same boat being CHD sufferers but we can empathise with each other, share our recoveries, learn from each other and at the same time enjoy a good social environment. And everyone is so NICE!!!" (HeartBeat Member)

"Six years ago, when I was just 42, I suffered a heart attack and that was my wake up call. After spending many weeks at home recovering, when the letter came inviting me to join the St Peter's cardiac rehab it was the start of the real recovery for me. The regular sessions at the hospital gym under the watchful eye of the rehab team was wonderful. I could have spent the rest of my days worried what my level of exercise could be and these wondeful people helped me mentally and physically regain my confidence. Now I am a regular attendee of the Bravehearts gym at Woking leisure centre and a fully fledged member of HeartBeat's. The meetings are a wonderful social extension to my keep fit aspect, evenings of great speekers and good company with my new found friends. (HeartBeat Member)

"When I first went down to the Tecnogym it was a bit daunting. Suzanne greated me and took my details etc. and then guided me through the whole programme. Issued with my pink card, I was given instructions on every piece of equipment (it wasn't so hard) and she stayed with me right through the programme, constantly checking with me that I was comfortable with the level of exercise. Now when I look back it seems amusing that I was a bit nervous at first. I now visit twice a week and there is always plenty of fellow Bravehearts to talk to, sometimes I have to remember that I am there to exercise not just socialise." (HeartBeat Member)

"I am so glad that I followed up the St Peter's rehab sessions with the HeartBeat support and Bravehearts. I could so easily have stopped when the Phase III was finished and undone all of the tremendous progress I had made." (HeartBeat Member)




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